Friday 21st September 2018


Sydney Olympic Park Homebush

closing date

Friday 7th September 2018


Your Diocese/Association will be invoiced


7.00am     Gates Open

7.30am    Team Managers meeting in Grand Prix Room (Competitor bibs will be distributed and collect packages)

8.00am    Event Officials Meeting In Grand Prix Room

                 No more athlete changes

8.15am    Multi Class Athletes and their Team Manager to report to the Grand Prix Room

8:30am   First event commences


There is no charge


Parking is available in P2 at a cost of $15.00. Patrons can have their ticket validated at Centre Management on lower level. There is no parking passes available for team managers and team officials

PROGRAM of events and records

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Age is as at 31 December in the year of competition

Click here to download Start Jump Specifications >>

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Diocesan / Association team

Additional entry requests may be made by the Diocesan/Association representative to the NSWCCC convener based on event results at their Diocesan/Association carnival in the current year


One day event


Students MUST be enrolled in a CSSS affiliated school

Athletes must be entered by their Diocese or Association to attend these championships

Each Diocese/Association may enter one competitor per event in 400m, 800m, 1500m, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Diocese/Association based relay, Parra Athlete Long Jump, Parra Athlete Shot Put, Parra Athlete 800m and Parra Athlete Discus.

Each Diocese/Association may enter one competitor per event in Junior (12-15 years) & Senior (16 years +) Triple Jump 

Each Diocese/Association may enter two competitors in 100m, 200m, Walk and Parra Athlete 100m and Parra Athlete 200m events.

Relays will now be Diocese/Association based in Junior (12-13 years),  Intermediate (14-15 years), Senio (16 years and over)

Additional entry requests may be made by the Diocesan/Association representative to the NSWCCC Convener based on event results at their Diocesan/Association carnival in the current year

Age is at the 31st December (ie. the age the competitor turns this year)

Athletes must compete in their own age group

There is no limit to the number of events an athlete may compete in on the day.  Please be aware of the program and possible clashes with events.

Competitors must stay in the same age group for the entire Championships

Race walk entries will be based on a qualifying time. 15+ Boys 7:30 mins; 15+Girls 8:30 mins; 12-14 yrs Boys & Girls 8:30 mins

Start height for High Jump - Please see "Specifications"


Maximum numbers per Diocese/Association will be determined by entry eligibility – refer above


Age is determined as at 31st December in the year of competition i.e. the age the competitor turns in the year of competition.

Athletes must compete in their own age group (including relays)


Protests in the first instance should be made verbally by the athlete to the event official of the event immediately. This should be done in a courteous manner. A written protest, if required must be made by the team manager within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the event. It should be handed to the NSWCCC Athletics Convener by the Team Manager who will be notified of the decision


Diocesan/Association teams must be entered electronically using the "Meet Manager Backup file" by the Diocesan/Association Representative to the Executive Officer by the closing date

Parra Athlete entries must be done on the "Meet Manager Backup file" and must include the classification next to the surname. 

Additional Entries must be submitted on the "Additional Meet Manager Backup file"  provided and submitted by the closing date

No new athlete will be entered into the competition on the day


Late changes will be accepted up until 24 hours prior to the carnival. NO additional new athletes will be entered on the day. Changes due to injury or illness ONLY will be considered one and a half hours prior to the scheduled time of the event.

All changes must be made using the appropriate change form and approved by the NSWCCC Athletics Convener.


All competitors must wear Diocesan/Association singlets and shorts.

Athletes should also display athlete number (which will be supplied by the NSWCCC Athletics Convener) when competing.


Diocese/Association         Meet Manager Code          

Armidale                              SARM                                 

Bath/Wil/Forbes                   SBWF                                 

Broken Bay                          SBRO                                 

CBSA                                   SCBS                                 

CGSSSA                             SCGS                                 

Canberra/Goulburn             SCAN                                  

Lismore                               SLIS                                    

MCC                                    SMCC

MCS                                    SMCS                                  

Maitland/Newcastle             SMAI                                   

Parramatta                          SPAR                                   

Southern Sydney                SSOU    

SCC                                    SSCC                             

Wagga Wagga                    SWAG                                 

Wollongong                        SWOL                   



The NSWCCC Championship is not a representative pathway event. Individual students can apply online to NSW Athletics Association to gain entry into the NSW All Schools Championships. 

Please refer to the Athletics NSW website for more


NSW Athletics will provide officials for key positions: track referee, field referee, starter, track and field officials

Each Diocese/Association must supply one teacher officials (not including team managers) to cover all of the other positions

Each Diocese/Association must have at least two team managers in the stands with students at all times


Only competitors and officials are permitted in the competition arena


Students competing in Parra Athlete events must submit their documentation seven days prior to the event

Para Athlete entries must be entered electronically in the Meet Manager program as for able bodied competitors. Their classification MUST be entered beside their surname

Athletes with a disability shall hold at least a provisional classification.

Athletes with a disability shall compete in separate boys’ and girls’ multi-disability events. Places will be determined on individual performance percentage of the Australian record for their classification. The athlete with the greater percentage shall be awarded medals

Athletes with a disability will fall into one of the following classifications – Visually Impaired (T/F 11; 12; 13); Athletes with learning difficulties (T/F 20); Cerebral Palsy (T/F 31 – 38); Ambulatory athletes (F 40; T/F 42 – 46); Wheelchair athletes (T 51 – 54); Deaf (T/F 01) 

Click here to download Implement Weights AWD 

Click here for more information >>



Medals will be presented to the first three athletes in each event (100m, 200m and 400m events are contested as timed finals with the fastest three over all heats awarded the medals).

Age Champions will be awarded trophies to the following:

  • 12 years Boys and Girls
  • 13 years Boys and Girls
  • 14 years Boys and Girls
  • 15 years Boys and Girls
  • 16 years Boys and Girls
  • 17+ years Boys and Girls
  • Athletes in a Multi-Class Event 12-15 Years Combined Boys and Girls
  • Athletes in a Multi-Class Event 16+ Years Combined Boys and Girls

Age Champions will be determined by all events excluding relays.

1st=16 points; 2nd=14 points; 3rd=12 points; 4th=10 points; 5th=8 points; 6th=6 points;7th=4 points; 8th=2 points