nswccc water polo championships


Open Girls:       Years 7-11

Junior Girls:     Years 7-9

Open Boys:      Years 7-11 


Junior Girls:      Wednesday 30th October 2019

Open Boys:       Friday 1st November 2019

Open Girls:        Wednesday 6th November 2019


Sydney Aquatic Centre Homebush


8.30am - approximately 3.30pm depending on number of teams.

Junior Girls Draw>>

Open Girls Draw>>

closing date

Thursday 26th September 2019


$380 per team


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1.     Schools may enter ONE team per division only.

2.     These divisions are based on school year group not age

Open:              Years 7 to 11

Junior:              Years 7, 8 and 9

3.     Juniors may play in the open team but may not play in both divisions on two separate days.

4.     CGSSSA Water Polo Championships are held within this event

5.     Teams can have up to a maximum of 13 players registered for the day

6.     There must be 6 or more teams registered to make this a viable competition



8.00am             Team Managers Meeting and Registrations 

  •  Collection of programs
  • Completion of scoresheet team lists for each game

8.15 am            Warm-up

8.30 am            Games Commence

3.30 pm            Presentations (approximately)



1.     A Round Robin format will be played.

2.     The Junior and Open Divisions of Water Polo will be held on separate days.

3.     Tournament Coordinator will produce a draw prior to the event.

4.     The draw will be available on the NSWCCC website.


1.     Teams from both NSWCCC and CGSSSA schools are to register via the NSWCCC website (under SCHOOL BASED COMPETITIONS) by the school co-ordinator. (See the help button for more guidance) 


1.     After the closing date a school that withdraws will not receive a refund of their registration. 


1.       Team Managers must ensure score sheets are correct in relation to players names and cap numbers and that all players meet the eligibilty criteria. Any indiscretion to this will mean the team will need to complete the game but the result will be a forfeit.

2.       All cap numbers must be recorded on the score sheets at the start of the day

3.       Current Junior FINA rules will apply.

4.       Teams that do not take the pool within 5 minutes of the official starting time with a minimum of 6 players will forfeit that game. Any forfeit will result in the non-forfeiting team being declared the winner of the game. The result of the game will be 5-0 in favour of the non-forfeiting team.

5.       If a game starts late it will still finish at the scheduled completion time for that particular round. No extra time will be played except for where it is allowed for in final series games.

6.       No time outs for all games.

7.       Each team must start the game with 7 players in the pool.



1.     As per normal FINA rules.

2.     Each team may have up to 13 players during a game who may be substituted within normal game rules at any time.


1.     Each team must supply one set of light and one set of dark caps and two water polo balls (Girls Size 4 & Boys Size 5).

2.     CSSS strongly recommends the wearing of a correctly fitted mouthguard in warm-up and games

3.      String-tied water polo caps fitted with protective ear guards must be worn.

4.     All players must wear a normal latex/silicone swimming cap underneath the standard water polo cap. Students without this will be excluded from the game.


1.     Full piece costumes must be worn (Girls)

2.     No bikinis are to be worn under full piece costumes.

3.     Preference is for teams to be in matching school swimming costumes.

4.     No board shorts are to be worn.


1.     Each school must provide an endorsed school representative for each team. All School Officials must wear school identification clothing and a name tag.


1.     The Convener will complete a Risk Management Proforma prior to the event and additionally a venue inspection on the day of competition prior to the commencement of play.

2.     Risk management will include a critical incident management plan. Sydney International Aquatic Centre emergency response plan will be implemented in the event of an emergency. Competitors, staff and spectators should respond as directed by centre staff.

3.     Pool staff qualified in first aid and resuscitation will maintain constant supervision of the pool.

4.     A first aid room and oxy-viva is available.

5.     Each school must have team officials with first aid qualifications.

6.     The individual or the school should supply any strapping tape required as SOPAC will not provide these materials.

7.     Each school must provide safety precautions as per own schools rules e.g. hydration, monitoring of students health.

8.     Players should ensure they have adequate level of hydration before during and after the game or training session.

9.  No jewellery is to be worn by any player. Including wrist or ankle bracelets.

10.  All students playing will have nails checked at the commencement of each game. Nails must not be long and if deemed inappropriate by match referee then the player must cut them or not play.

11.  No acrylic nails are allowed by any player.



1.     NSW Water Polo affiliated referees are supplied as part of the cost of entry.

2.     One or two Referees per game as per pool setup.



Points will be awarded as follows:-

3 points for a win

2 points for a draw

1 point for a loss

0 point for a forfeit (score 5-0)



1.   If two or more teams finish the pool round with the same final point score the following

a.      If two teams are tied the Head to Head method will determine the higher ranked team (ie. The team that won the game between the two teams)

b.    If the match between the two tied team was a drawn then;

        -   Placing will be determined by the average goal difference

Calculation: (Total Goals Score – Total Goals conceded) ÷ games played

2.   If three or more teams are tied the following method will be used to determine the higher ranked team;

         -  Placing will be determined by the average goal difference

Calculation: (Total Goals Score – Total Goals conceded) ÷ games played



1.     NSWCCC supplied officials for each game will complete result cards and sign off on these.

2.     The referee will check the final result and sign the result card.



1.     The first team named in the game will wear white caps and start play from the ‘Officials Room’ end of the pool.

2.     Games will run on the same match clock.

3.     For rounds and playoffs each game will run for 2 x 10 minute (running clock) halves. There will be two minutes between halves.

4.     Semi finals will be played for 4 x 5 minute (running clock) quarters.

5.     The grand final will be played over 4 x 5 minute quarters (running clock). Each team will be allowed two time outs.

6.     The convener can use their discretion to alter game duration depending on the number of teams in each division.



1.       NSWCCC will supply Bench Officials for all games. Duties for these Officials include timing, use of flags and completing the game card.


1.     Teams will be placed into ‘pools’ according to results in the previous year.

2.     The highest placed teams from the previous year are seeded to the top of each pool.

3.     Each team in a pool plays the other teams in a round robin format depending on team numbers.

4.    The winners and second place of each pool will progress to the playoffs. If there would be 3 pools of teams in the competition then the best 3rd place and 2nd best 3rd place will also be included.

5.     The winners of the semi-finals progress to the grand final.

6.     If there is a draw in the semi-final or grand final a penalty shoot out will be played. No extra time will be played.

7.     A 30 second shot clock will not be used in any game.

8.     Should the final be played between a CGSSSA school and a non-CGSSSA school a playoff between the next two highest placed CGSSSA schools will be held to determine 2nd and 3rd place in the CGSSSA competition.



1.     The winning team in each Division will be presented with the NSWCCC trophy and NSWCCC gold medals at the conclusion of the finals. The runners up will be presented with NSWCCC silver medals.

2.     CGSSSA will award a trophy and medals to the winning school and medals to the second placed school.



  • Water polo Caps
  • 2 Water polo Balls
  • All students are eligible
  • Teacher in charge with First Aid and Resuscitation qualifications



1.     The disciplinary committee will consist of the Tournament Co-ordinator, the officiating referee from the game in which the indiscretion occurred and the NSWCCC Executive Officer.

2.     All FINA regulations will apply and be strictly adhered to.



Any protest should be made in writing to the Tournament Co-ordinator as soon as the game in question has been played. This must be done within 5 minutes of the concluded game. This should be written on the back of the score card by the teacher in charge before table officials have signed off on the card.