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At NSWCPS and NSW PSSA fixtures, competitors representing the MacKillop / Polding must:

  • Be aware of the championship rules and procedures.
  • Report promptly to the NSWCPS Team Manager.
  • Wear the designated NSWCPS uniform
  • Be a good sport.
  • Play for enjoyment.
  • Work hard for your team as well as yourself.
  • Treat all team mates and opponents as they would like to be treated.
  • Control behaviour on and off the field.
  • Learn to value honest effort, skilled performance and improvement.
  • Cooperate with Team Manager, team mates, Officials and opponents.
  • Respect the Official’s decision.


At NSW PSSA and MacKillop / Polding fixtures parents must:

  • Make themselves aware of Selection Trial /Championship rules and procedures.
  • Keep off the areas determined as the field of competition.
  • Not coach students during competition from within the arena. Any feedback must be positive
  • Set a positive example to the students.
  • Should it be necessary, lodge a complaint or protest via the Team Manager only
  • Understand that a student is under direct supervision of the Team Manager and their assistants
  • Parents are required to notify their school, event organiser/s (i.e. Convener) and team manager/s should their child be carrying a pre-existing injury leading into an event including concussion. A student who has suffered a concussion injury may not return to contact/collision activities less than 14 days from the resolution of all symptoms. For further information refer to the Australian Medical Association at link
  • No smoking or consumption of alcohol


Schools need to assist students within their inclusion in NSW PSSA and NSWCPS fixtures by:

  • Being aware of all dates of competition. (NSW PSSA & NSWCPS website)
  • Ensure School Principal authority has been given for each student to participate in NSWCPS fixtures